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Killeen Area

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I just wanted to see how many people on this board lived in or around the Killeen area. I am trying to find people to ride with around here but haven't really seen too many out on the trails. Let me know if anyone is interested in riding around here, especially since it is finally under 100 degrees.
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Never ridden there, but this club appears fairly active:

I know they do a lot of work out at BLORA.

I don't think the club exists any longer, at least not collectively. There may still be a few people around but the last update to the web site was in 02. Hopefully I am wrong, but there are no signs of an active club at BLORA, at least not that I have seen.
Check out trails for your area in the "Trail Reviews" section.
you are correct..the Trailblazers could easily be reborn however,,

Myself, along w/another warrant officer--clifff m, pretty much took the trail system over when joey roper left in i think 01. when we left for our new army assignments, Loco from MOJO was supposed to take over as steward but w/no club. this lasted until earlier this year when he announced on mojo he was done with the mess at BLORA. a master sergeant recently assigned to hood and i exchanged PMs the other day--he has been seemingly singlehandedly doing trailwork. the best thing for everyone interested in having continuing access to this fine trail system is to get involved!!!!!!!!!!! Go to the bLORA admin bldg and volunteer for trailwork.

We allowed a club member's relative to redesign the website as part of a school project he had to do; unless the web designer changed the password I have the login/password to that tripod website. As well I have the old design archived to my website. Joey Roper's 1st version of the web is no longer published. It would be nice if someone reformed the club, conducted a member drive, took over the website and etc.

xtri said:
I don't think the club exists any longer, at least not collectively. There may still be a few people around but the last update to the web site was in 02. Hopefully I am wrong, but there are no signs of an active club at BLORA, at least not that I have seen.
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I am that Master Sergeant that has taken on the task of cleaning BLORA up, I almost got the main loop cleaned up but then had surgery so I am waiting to heal up before I can go again. My first couple of rides will be a bit on the slow side but I'll drop you a line when I can.
Stillhouse Lake has some trails on its east side but don't go if it has rained within the last week. The mud and clay will stop you in your tracks. See you out there.
What ever happened to the trails below Stillhouse that I remember from the late '70's?
Real shame about BLORA. I was a member and a regular trailrider and worker with Joey Roper back in 1998 and 99. Loved riding there in my Lieutenant years. I've been trying to get back no for years. Maybe in 2008.

Hopefully something can be worked out at the park. I spoke to the management this week about cleaning the place up. There is a strong possibility the park will be closed down by the DPW if something isn't done out there. If anyone is interested in helping out let me know, maybe if I inform the management of an interest in a new club they will plan on keeping it open. As of right now Themachine, from this board, and myself are doing some work, but more people would be great.
BLORA Trail Work

I have been riding BLORA since summer. It would be a shame to lose it. I stopped and talked to somebody a couple months ago doing work on the descent from Medevac Mountain. Count me in on the trail work. I've been doing some minor stuff on the trail (moving limbs, rocks), but would be up for some better directed efforts.

Thanks for the reply. The management out there isn't killing it just yet but they have some concerns about keeping it open, basically they want someone to take it over offically and be responsible for its up keep. XTRI and myself are both Army guys who don't have the time to dedicate to it presently. If you can just continue helping out when/where you can, that would be a whole lot more than most riders out there are doing. The main loop is a whole lot better than last year at this time. Someone has cleaned up the Sparta Mountain Ridge trail a bit and that is probably the next area we may look at cleaning up, it is really a great trail. Thanks again for the help. I hope to see you on the trail. Take care.
The management doesn't care about cleaning it up. They want a ridiculous list of coordinates that were plotted in 2001 worked on. I have spent countless hours out there, and paid for my pass while doing it. The folks there don't seem to care about the trail, just the DPW. I got tired of them asking for spreadsheets and badgering us about what we would fix. All the while, those bastards across the road would have trail rides there with up to 60 horses. I have asked them to not trash the climbs, and they blew me off. I have asked them to work on the trails that they trashed, and they blew me off. I got a voice mail from someone, but I lost the number I think. If anyone wants to chat, or ride, email me at locogringos at I will get you a number and we can gang up. I like the trail, but the politics are too much for me. I will add, I have never received so much as a thank you from the DPW for what I have done there. That makes it hard for me to be motivated. Hope to hear from you folks.



*I don't post here much, so email is best, or PM on ridemonkey. I post as loco there and on bikemojo.
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The whole politics thing has made me drive to Waco to ride Cameron Park most of the time. The trails are better there anyway.
Still Trying

Loco, that was me that called you a little while back. I spoke with the management there and they refused to explain to me the entire plan they had worked out with you. They told me to contact you and join in with your effort. I have been out there a few weekends just cleaning up a little but not really developing a plan or course of action. I would like to try to get something started before they shut the place down or turn it over to the DPW. I spend most of my days doing spreadsheets anyway, so I guess I could squeeze out a few more to make these people happy. I will email you this weekend and maybe I can get something together.
Paging The Machine and other Ft Hoodians

I will be at Ft Hood from May thru December of this year. I am an avid MTB'er and have IMBA and USFS trail maintenane and building experience. I would be willing to offer my time and sweat to help maintain the BLORA system while in the Killeen AO.

Looking for a POC.

e-mail lagomez AT earthlink DOT net


The Machine and I are supposed to head out to BLORA this weekend for a ride, weather depending. If you still want to do some work out there when you get over to Hood just contact me. I am going to try and get somthing together for this spring. Unfortunately I have been in the field the last month and going to JRTC next month for another month. So hopefully we can get something together this summer before the next deployment.
I can't imagine BLORA being rideable this weekend, but I plan to head to Cameron Park on Sunday for sure, and you are welcome to roll.
Gonna do a night ride at 7 pm if anyone is interested.
So I just read that they waived fees for the machine. That kind of sucks since I have around 100 hours working on the trails and have paid for my pass for the last 3 years.

I also read that you are moving rocks, the machine. While that makes it nicer on the climbs and such, it doesn't do anything for erosion really. We need to get out and work on some of the spots that are washing out. I may be up for something on Saturday, as I am likely not going to head down to Comfort. I will check out tonight to see if there is an area that needs focus.
The A&M race has been rescheduled for 3/26 according to their website. I emailed to ask them if this was a go, but haven't heard anything back yet. You can see the tire marks from their "pre-ride" in the mud. I can't believe they were going to have the race in the mud.

Loco, I can't ride tonight. The only real bad spots I can think of are the ruts down by the lake. Let me know what you think. I'd be willing to put in a few hours on the trail.
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