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Kill Creek :)

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So, I've started riding the new Kill Creek trails more than anything lately, and I've come to the conclusion that Shaun Cairns & The Earthriders are one set of badass trail builders.

I'm absolutely loving these trails, especially since it's just 10 miles down K-10, which makes it nice and quick to get to (unlike Landahl).

My only question is this... What was the deal with the log piles... towards the end of the trail loop? Someone piled logs up to the really big log... made it nice and fast to get over once you come screaming down that hill... but now they're not there? :confused: Oh well, I found that fun... acted almost like a ramp.

Anyway, if any of the Earthriders read this... thanks a bunch for your hard work. I really appriciate it, and I know many KC/MO riders do too.

Now, *to all riders out there*. Please keep these trails in good condition, and don't pussify them. Especially the advanced trail. Please leave it be, and just ride it for what its worth... tight, technical, and uber twisty.

I must say, a few more Shore stunts... and we'll be rockin !

-Matt :D
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The original trail builders didn't build that log pile/ramp. I think it's much more fun to hop the log and it fits better with the overall feel of the trail. The other trail at Kill Creek Park (Hank) is built to be fast and flowing.

I can see the attraction in flying down that hill and ramping over the log, but that seems like a waste of a perfectly good obstacle.
I see where you're coming from on that comment. The "ramp" was fun while it lasted... :D

I must say, getting over that massive log is a challenge... even on my big bike.... :eek:

Anyway, I love these trails. .... Now.. lets just hope we can keep the Horse People off our loop.. and we'll stay off theirs.


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Thanks for the compliments on the Kill Creek trails, Matt, I'm glad you like them.

While the trails in Kansas City are great, there really are few places where you have to try a section several times before you get it right...if you ever do. That's what the new trail is all about, going back for more until you finally put the whole puzzle together and you can ride it at speed and dab free. I've got a ways to go before that happens.

As stated previously, the log ramp was not part of the original design, I wanted to leave the log naked for the selfish reason that I love jumping logs that big. Probably a little easier to do on my XC rig than on the beast you ride. We plan to keep the naked log on the primary line and we are going to add a ride around but based on your comments we may also add a ramp to cater to the big hit crowd.

Speaking of keeping the horsies off...we will be armoring the creek crossing and installing an anti-horse filter on August 28th. Please feel free to come out to help, we will be moving some BIG rocks and can use all the help we can get. 8:00am.
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Hey Shaun, Matt here.


That idea of actually building a ramp over / to the side of the big log sounds like an absolute blast. I know coming down that hill real fast, and hitting that would put a good shot of adrenaline through us hucksters. :D That'd be awesome, and I'd love to help if needed. I work Mon-Fri from 8am-2pm (ish). Since it's not far from my house, just lemmie' know what days are planned for what.. and I'll try my hardest to come out and throw in some trail-work time with you guys.

As I said, I much appriciate the work you guys have done.. I truelly enjoy *both* of the MTB loops. The harder one is definitely a challenge on my big-bike, but I kinda' like it that way. It keeps me on my toes, and as my brother found out can have consiquences too. :eek: (he slid down the ridge! hehe).

At any rate, moving rocks to armor the desired areas does require lots of people, so I will plan to join you guys on the 28th. 8am eh? Just bring coffee... and I'll show up ;) . :D

Thanks Shaun!!

-Matt R
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