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Kids' ??? MTB's

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I know this isn't a "real" MTB subject so I wasn't surprised not to find a section for kids' bikes but bear with me.

In +/- 2001 my then 6 year old was ready to move from his 16" bike to a 20". I wanted him to begin to MTB and because I appreciate good equipment I went on a hunt. I wound up at Marin and their then Hidden Canyon chromoly 20" hardtail 14 speed. It had been discontinued. After some pleading a nice guy there "found" one or enough pieces to make one and sent it to my local Marin dealer. From what I remember I paid $300 to $400 for it out the door.

My now 12 year old son is off the bike and on to the Fisher Mullet DJ bike I bought him for his birthday three weeks ago. Thanks to the threads here and the recommendation of several of you it was a great choice and he loves it!

Though I still love the bike (silly huh?) I need to sell it. Can anyone tell me where a good place to advertise this bike is? Any guesses on what I should ask for it in it's excellent condition?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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selling a kid's bike

You might think about trying to sell it at your local riding areas. Maybe a piece of paper left under your windshield wiper. Recently, while taking a break with my eleven year old on the trail, we struck up a conversation with a fellow rider. Going our separate ways, he turned around and caught us, letting me know he had a stumpjumper frame in my sons size for sale. It was neat getting a good deal from a fellow rider on the trail.
I've been trying to sell 2 kids bikes on electronic flea markets or free classifieds with no luck.

The problem that I see is that good kids bikes are not cheap and if you try to sell it it has to go with a huge loss because not many people are willing to pay for it. For example, I'm trying to sell my son's roadie. The bike has only been used for less than a year and is very well taken care of, the MSRP is $650; I'm asking $400 OBO and everytime someone inquires nothing happens because they think that's a lot of money for a kid bike.

Also offered at the races but the same happened, people will show interest, take your info and nothing happens.

The idea of making a flyer and put it on windshields is a good one, I'll do it for this coming weekend race. My son wants to race and what a better place to sell a kid bike than a kids race.

If nothing happens really soon eBay will be the next step.
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