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Kid’s GoPro kicks major a$$!

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I bought this for my GF’s 6 year old nephew. $39.95 CDN at Costco. I am incredibly impressed. Not joking. It took me no time to set up. GoPro should hire some of the designers of this. The UI is much better.

4K at 30 FPS.

I may buy one myself for $hits & giggles. It’s that impressive! Sure, the accessories are cheap plastic. That said, if I were GoPro, I would be gutted.

PS - as an unexpected bonus, the instructions are well written, succinct and easily understandable. And no Chinglish! Not a single shred of evidence they were not proofed by someone literate in the English language.
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Need to see the footage to see if its really a good deal or not.
Need to see the footage to see if its really a good deal or not.
True. True. I have seen some. It’s perfectly fine for me but then again, I don’t see much of a difference between footage shot with a GoPro 10, and with a 5 or 6 with a gimbel, like everyone else seems to. I also LOVE the shots taken with my Pro Max phone. Clearly, relative to the pixel peeping cork sniffing photogs, I’m not the right guy to judge.

But for a toy for a 6 year old, for $39.95 CDN, in my view it’s very impressive.
Cool camera. I used it for making own video before. But sometimes I had poor picture clarity so used video editing apps and remove watermark from video after creating file in capcut. Or watermark you can get when download video from TikTok or other video hosting
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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