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Here she is:

Weighs in at a cool 27lbs. 5 ounces:

See, I'm not lying :)

Anyhow, here is the component spec so far. . .
Frame: KHS XC904
Shock: RockShox MCR
Fork: RockShox Reba Team Poplock
Shifters: Sram X.0 twist
Brakes: Avid Juicy 7
Handlebar: Easton EA70
Stem: Easton EA50
Grips: Oury
Headset: POS FSA Orbit II, this will actually be changed to a King, I just haven't installed it yet. I don't think this will save any weight though.
Cranks: Truvativ Style Team (Not Carbon)
Pedals: EggBeater C's
Front Derailleur: XT
Seatpost: Thomson Masterpiece
Saddle: WTB Pure V Stealth
Cassette: SRAM PG980
Chain: SRAM PC-971
Rear Derailleur-XO Long Cage, Aluminum
Hubs: Sun XC Flea
Rims: Sun DS-1
Spokes: DT 14/15
Tubes: Cheng **** Ultralite
Tires: Hutchinson Python Elite Gold

I believe that's it. I saw in the product reviews someone claims to have an XC904 that they say weighed 25.3 lbs. I've e-mailed the dude, but he hasn't e-mailed me back. Anyhow, I was wondering where, or how I could shave a few pounds off the bike. I would like to get it under 25. There are catches though. . .There always have to be catches, right? Certain things I refuse to sacrifice in the name of lightweight. Seat, or tires for example. They are too crucial to suffer with something that sucks. I also do not want to spend $10000000000 to save 10 grams. I would consider dropping some $$$ on a Manitou R7 or Pace though, if it works better AND saves some weight.

Sooooo, what do you guys recommend?

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You have some excellent components, but there are a few places where you might get a decent bang for the buck. I'm in the same boat with my Spider, but I've decided to keep many of my components because they are excellent quality, stiff, and durable. To lose a massive amount of weight, we'd both be looking at a complete component replacement.

The Juicy 7's are a bit heavy with the adapters. Magura Martas (not Marta SL) would lose a lot of weight and cost less than the Marta SL's... only like 10g difference between those Martas. They are IS mount, so no adapters are required. My Juicy's weigh 936g or so total, Martas would weigh less than 700g. That's a half pound less ! So for something like $450-500 you'd lose 225-250g... a 2:1 dollar:gram ratio isn't too bad. Of course this assumes you buy new brakes and don't sell the old ones. However, the Juicy's can handle pretty much any braking situation you throw at them such as long downhills without overheating... I have confidence in mine and that counts for something.

Get a Cane Creek headset or something else that weighs less than the King... since you're buying one anyway, get a lighter one. King is nice, but the headset isn't so critical in my opinion. However, the weight diff here isn't big. Nevermind.

I think you could knock weight off your cranks by going to the Race Face Deus for about $225-290, or spend a lot of money and get the XTR's. I had those Truvativ cranks on my old Haro and they weigh 932g... my Deus weighs 830g... not a huge diff, but almost 1/4lb. Now we're up to 3/4 lb total.

I know you like your saddle. What does it weigh? My WTB Rocket V Team Ti weighs 216g and is very comfy.

Same with the cassette. My Shimano XT weighs 294g which 100g less than my old low-end cassette that came on the bike. The XT isn't very expensive and may be a place where you can lose weight. Assuming you can do the same, we're now up to almost 1 lb weight loss not including the saddle.

Oh yes, those Oury grips are heavy. Replace them with foam type or lightweight rubber like my Cane Creek grips. My Oury weighed something like 100g+, my Cane Creek are 65g total (uncut though, you would cut yours)... not bad for a $15 investment. This puts you very close to a 1lb weight loss total.

I wouldn't bother replacing the stem and handlebars unless you have to for fitting reasons or breakage.

The Reba fork is getting great reviews and is more adjustable and stiffer than the R7... keep it.

Other than those things, you'd spend a lot of money replacing every part on the bike to lose a significant amount of weight. I have the same dilemma with my Spider... so I'm maybe going to get lighter wheels and keep the rest of the parts... they work very well... including my heavy Juicy 7's for now.

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Good advice above:)

What does the frame weigh? You may find the best weight saving would come from a new frame/rear shock? Although from memory - KHS does offer some nice light frames...

The problem with your bike is you don't really have any very heavy parts, but you don't have any very light parts either... every part on your bike could be lightened to add up to a lot of weight saved, but it would cost a fortune to replace every part.

I'd say decide which parts of the bike you are less happy with and replace those with lighter parts.

For an example - you can save 100grams in your pedals but at a cost of over 200US. You can save 50 grams in your stem, but at a cost of 60-80US...

First things I would change - is get some foam grips, cheap and good place to start.

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If the handlebars and stem are not oversized, you could get something like a RaceFace Deus or Evolve stem (either one will weigh around 130g @ 110mm w/standard bolts) for only around $60 or $35 respectively and just as strong and stiff as the EA50 you have now. A Yeti carbon riser can be had for as little as $50.00 and will save you over 140g. If you want to go 31.8mm, you could get a Titec Pluto riser and a Pluto stem combo for only $150 that would save the same amount of weight. The stem and bar combo you're running now weighs a wopping 440g at least. Either of the two combos I've suggested will weigh in the range of 275g and would be a relatively cheap way to save weight without really compromising stiffness or reliability.

Edit:: Just realized that you have an EA70 carbon bar, so the handlebar weight savings will not be so significant!

If you've already got your heart set on (or have already purchased) the King headset, stick with it. The Cane Creek will only save you money, not weight unless you had an integrated style headtube.

Unless your wheels have really heavy spokes and nipples, those wheels should be pretty damned light already. DS1 rims weigh about the same as XC717 discs, the hubs weigh about the same as DT Swiss 240s if they are the ones I think they are...

That's a great fork--no need to change a stiff adjustable setup like that unless the goal is to save weight at all costs.

Keep the seatpost. You can get WTB Shadow V Team and Shadow V Stealth saddles on Ebay right now for about $50.00. You'll save about 40-45g (I have a Team that weighs exactly 200g) and still have a comfortable saddle depending on your anatomical preference.:D

Yes, you could change out your brakes. It would be much cheaper to change out your rear IS adapter to a 160mm front adapter so you could use a 140mm rear rotor. You can then get Hope floating 160 and 140mm rotors and swap all your bolts to Ti w/Al for the bolts in your levers. You could save more than 80g and spend less than $160 if you shop around. Those floating rotors look dope too...

You can find RaceFace Deus crank arms for $210 or less shipped with the BB or you could go with XT for less than that for a full crankset from many dealers right now and save a significant amount of weight as stated earlier.

Finally, you could go tubeless with Stan's for $60.00 and get some of the vast array of lighter, sub-500g tires and save at least another quarter of a pound that way.

Much of how far you can go will depend on your riding style and how much you're willing to spend. Those should be some good places to start though.

Good luck and, if you change anything, keep us updated.:thumbsup:

A Real Winner.
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BTW, the frame weight is 6lbs. 5 ounces. I weighed it before I built it up. I realize that there may be lighter frames out there, but I am a KHS-aholic, so there is not really any chance that I will be changing the frame.
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