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Kevlar braided brake cables: Beyond the "bling" factor?

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I noticed that the Formula Oro Puro brake sets have kevlar braided cables. Besides the fact that they look "cool" and the rider can claim that he/she can stop a 9 mm round with the cables :p , do these cables have any advantages over regular hydro brake cables? If they do, what are the advantages and where can I get those cables for my XTs?


Disclaimer: This message is not intended for any rider to go out and shoot his/her brake cables. Kevlar is a neat fabric--I wear one every day to work along with a steel plate. :thumbsup:
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Bling yes, better...not really

I happen to have the Formula oro puro's on my bike and must say I am extremely happy with the way they perform.
Having said that, I think the Kevlar hoses make no difference whatsoever compared to regular ones. I have not ridden these brakes with regular hoses (the K24 or K18 models), but my experience with previous brakes regarding changing regular hoses to braided steel hoses has learned me that the difference is reallly minimal.
Thanks for the reply. I would probably skip changing the cables if there was minimal change in performance. The puros are cool looking brakes. They seemed pretty impressive to me but damn are they expensive.
It's all about bling and techno-weenie-ism. Next week my chrome spinner "29" will be on my ride too.;) :D

Standard cables are supposed to have better modulation. Braided cables are supposed to have more power but less modulation. That is what I was told my Hope when I was getting my Mono Minis. They have the option of either. I've also heard it from some guys at my LBS about the power/modulation difference between the cables. I have not confirmed this.
That is the theory indeed, but having ridden both on the same set of brakes I can tell taht the differences are absolutely minimal at most....
Thanks again for all the replies. The power vs. modulation theory would be an interesting thing to test but I'm betting that braided cables are pricey. I, personally, would rather have power over modulation but that's me.
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