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Anybody else seen the following email from CORBA?
There are instructions to follow to help, just read below.

The CORBA Board is currently battling to keep unrestricted access through
the Mountain Gate development. We, and the other members of the Canyonback
Alliance, are working together to prevent restricted public access through
this extremely important mountain biking transportation corridor. Please
review the following information and we ask each and every one of you to
take five minutes to download the page indicated and fax it to
Councilmember Cindy Miscikowski's office AND the Canyonback Alliance.

Thank you for your concern and participation in this important effort.


Canyon Back Alliance

"If you build it, they will not come."

A wealthy homeowners' association in the "Crown" section of Mountaingate
seeks to block access to the Westridge Canyon Back Wilderness Park through a
locking gate and security guard on Canyonback Road, a public street. Canyon
Back is part of the "Big Wild" in the Santa Monica Mountains, a 21,000 acre
urban wilderness with a continuous network of open space and trails from the
San Fernando Valley to the Pacific Ocean. The parks and open space in the
Santa Monica Mountains are among the most precious natural resources in
Southern California. The roads and trails must remain open for all.

Los Angeles is park poor. Canyon Back provides much-needed active
recreation, trails, and natural open space for all the people of Southern
California to have fun through mountain biking, hiking and jogging. The
public has paid for this protected wilderness through taxes, bonds and
special assessments for the benefit, use and enjoyment of all - not for just
a privileged few. Canyonback Road provides convenient access to the Big
Wild from the 405 Freeway and Sepulveda Boulevard, a major surface street
running the length of the City.

The locked gate would require the public to request access from a private
security guard paid by homeowners who want to keep the public off "their"
street -- a public street. The gate will restrict access to the Kenter fire
trail, a critical fire protection route in the Santa Monica Mountains, which
has been designated by the LAFD as a "Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone."

The Canyon Back Alliance and gate opponents include (partial list):
Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association (CORBA); Brentwood Hills
Homeowners Association; Citizens for a Safe Sepulveda; Center for Law in the
Public Interest; International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA); LA
Leggers; Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition; Mandeville Canyon
Association; Sierra Club Santa Monica Mountains Task Force; Trail Runners
Club; Upper Mandeville Canyon Association.


1. Download the Canyonback Alliance letter (PDF format) here:

2. Fax a copy of the letter to L.A. City Councilmember Cindy Miscikowski.

3. Please ALSO fax the letter to: Canyon Back Alliance, fax 310-201-2110


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Skills Classes -- Mark Langton ([email protected])
Membership -- David Grey ([email protected])
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Trail Work -- Rich Pinder ([email protected])

Membership is $25.00 per year.
Send dues to:

P.O. Box 57576
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413

CORBA is committed to:

1. Maintaining access to and gaining access to trails in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

2. Educating mountain bicyclists in the safe and appropriate use of mountain bikes.

3. Contributing to the building and maintaining of riding areas in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

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I hate homeowner's associations...

I'd fax it but I don't my printer can do that.

But seriously I say...It's you freakin property...paint the house whatever weirdass color you what you want to your yard. If the gay little H.A. doesn't like it fuk em.

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The homeowners' associations up in that Brentwood area are super rich folks, with the money and knowledge to get what they want out of public policy.

Most of the trailheads in W. Los Angeles and Brentwood require passage through these wealthy areas. I was against this gating effort because once one neighborhood gets it, it's only a matter of time before others want it too.

But just to clear up the fog, Kenter is not in danger.

You can still access it from the southern entrance at the Kenter Rd. trailhead. The neighborhood that gated itself is northeast of Kenter, the farther less used trail into Kenter, but still a common trail for XC riders who just want to ride a fireroad.

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dirtpaws said:
That is just one of the several ways into Kenter Koaster.

The main and most popular way, Kenter Rd, is not part of that gate plan.
yes, there are other ways. but for some people, that will add a large amount of time to get to trail since there are only a few roads to get there.

more importantly, this could set a precedent that others may decide to follow. it is a slippery slope. once one does it, others will follow and the effect will snowball because the legal precedent will let them.

don't cave.

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mandown said:
................ once one does it, others will follow and the effect will snowball because the legal precedent will let them.

don't cave.
word. fight the man!!!!

really it dosen't matter what the main way in is. what if you were the one who lived right there, and now you have to go out of your way to get there..........

besides, keeping biking trails open also helps to break the communitys in to the biking scene. then future stuff such as dj spots don't end up plowed within months of appearing and even some eventually become legit city/county designated areas.......

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mandown said:
more importantly, this could set a precedent that others may decide to follow. it is a slippery slope. once one does it, others will follow and the effect will snowball because the legal precedent will let them.

don't cave.
YUP! Agreed. Unlike the Cold War, this domino effect could actually happen. I was not saying the gate setup was OK, just that there is another route into Kenter.

The wealthy people up there have the money and resources to get what they want out of public policy. Rich people will go all out to protect their property value. You can steal office supplies from your boss's company, just dont' mess with his home appraisal value. IMO, that's what all this gating thing is about. And also to keep out bikers I suspect. People have been hiking and horse riding up there for years without anyone complaining. But bikers are the bad guys on the trail to many people and they want us out.

One way to be proactive is to be respectful of the residences that live near the trail head. I have met some real estate agents who also ride and they tell me about the things that rub the brentwood homeowners the wrong way:
- Post ride beer drinking in parked cars
- Loud music pre and post ride while loading bikes on racks
- Changing clothes on the street
- Blatant disregard for posted parking restrictions
- Urinating on streets

I think if riders are mindful of the residences and respect the neighborhood's ambiance, then the rich folks generally don't mind sharing.

I was listening to an public radio debate on this matter. If you want to listen to a Real Audio archive of it, go here:

Scroll down to the Wednesday Aug 4 section called "Private Communities, Public Access" and you can listen to both sides of the argument.
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