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kenda or specialized?

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I am looking for new tires for my specialized enduro bike...I ride aggressive cross country, with differents types of terrain. I was looking between Kenda Nevegal 2.35 DTC or Specialized Eskar 2bliss sworks 2.30. My wheels are Mavis Crossmax ST.
Any recommendation?
Thank you in advance
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I dont recall what the relationship between specializeds advertised sizes and their real world sizes is...
However, I know (from experience) that a 2.35 Nevegal is in reality larger than 2.4 - just pointing out because its still unusual for tires to meet/exceed their advertised size.

Anyway - terrain is a big factor in picking the right tire (so are personal preferrences).

Personally, with Kendas I prefer the BlueGroove to the Nevegal in the front, but dont particularly like either in the back (note: 2.35 BG is again fractionally larger than 2.4). The Excavator looks (to me) like it would suit the back better, but I havent tried it for more than a few minutes (not enough to form much of an opinion) so take that
with a huge pinch of salt.

I cant comment on Specialized tires because I've never used any of them extensively (partly because I dislike them as a company).

Maxxis does some good treads too - the Ardent and Highroller are both pretty good (though the ardents come roughly true to size, the highroller is one of the "old breed" of maxxis, so they come up small).
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My honest recommendation for a tire combo that WILL NOT let you down:
Front: Kenda Telonix 2.4 dtc folding
Rear: Kenda Excavator 2.35 dtc folding

This is an amazing tire combo. Astonishing grip w/ great rolling / pedaling ability.
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