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kenda kross

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any feedback on the kenda kross. does it really do a decent job on the trails and mixed terrain
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Define "mixed" terrain. :lol:

I have them. I rotate them out on a weekly and semi weekly basis with my true trail tires. That alone should tell you something but i will qualify that a bit further.

I just got back from my in-laws up in Northern WI for an extended weekend on their property. They are off of very old logging trails where the trees are all torn down, but vegetation has overgrown the trails. I brought my bike up and the Kenda Kross's handled the overgrowth and base layer easily...even went over a few downed trees and rocks with little issue. The little issue came at the price of "momentum" to get me over. If I had to rely on low speed engagement, it would have been bite on the mid section of the tire would have stopped me flat and let me spin all day long.

For hard pack and a moderate approach to cornering, along with "backwoods" style riding, they are a very confident and well made tire. Tackling a technical single track with them will leave you flat on your ass...not to put too fine a point on it. :D
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I have been looking at the kenda kross as a replacement, too.

i ride a lot of pavement on my way to the trails and my nevegals are kinda looking like the kross. I've also noticed a decrease in low speed bite from the slickworn nevegals.

plus, most of my most accessible trail are cx trails anyway.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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