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Most likely, but you would need to use sealant. The carcass of a non-ust tire is porous so not air tight. It would also depend on the width of the tire. Rule of thumb for running a regular tire tubeless is to not exceed 40psi inflation pressure. If you are running the 2.0 you'd likely be fine, but I'd be a bit hesitant to run the 1.75" tire below 50psi or so, and that might be pushing it for a tubeless set up. Of course it depends on your weight as well. Another consideration is that Kenda does not recommend the use of sealant in their "regular" tires. They've come out with "Sealant Compatible Tires" (SCT) recently, however the only Kozmic Lite available in an SCT version is the 29x2.0. Kenda tires have been known in the past to get blisters in the outer casing when used with sealant. Any use of sealant with their non-SCT tires automatically voids any warranty. Then there is the possibility of issues. Not all regular tires like to be run tubeless. There is always the possibility that the Kozmic won't like it. And there's no way to tell until you try it.

The bottom line is, you can set up just about any MTB tire out there tubeless. Whether or not the tire and rim combination will play well together is another story. I've been running a set of Bontrager wire bead Invert 2.0s set up tubeless on a set of Bontrager TLR rims on my commuter for the last two years and they're great. No flats in the entire time. But that information is almost completely meaningless for your situation.

Not trying to discourage you, on the contrary I would encourage you to try it and see if it works. However, do be aware of the pitfalls involved and the possibility that it might not work out. I would also urge you to use a great deal of caution once you have them set up until you are sure that you have a good reliable set up going. :thumbsup:

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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