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What's up.
We've got this annual ride me and a handful of buddies have been doing at Hood for the last 8yrs. We call it the Keg Run b/c...well its pretty self explanatory. Anyway are numbers have been dwindling the last few years, you know how peoeple get fat or married, usually both, and we are looking for some fresh blood to join us.

We shuttle up to T-line and then ride the ski runs down to a turn off just above above Government camp. I think is called Glade Trail or Crosstown, something like that. After that it is another 8 miles of sick single track back to the camp site for beers and some of Oregon's finest. Then repeat. Oh yeah, its all downhill.

We'll be up there Friday Aug. 6th thru the 8th. If you want to join us for a ride or the whole weekend let me know. Name's Will by the way.
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