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Keeping shocks lubed?

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I have a Giant Boulder SE 2003 year, and it has the stock fork on it and I'm not sure if I am lubing it correctly. I use a Finishline Cross Country Wet lube and put some around where the fork compresses into one another (stancions?) and i pump it up and down and I go. I don't think this is right because lube then gets all over the siler tubes and i havent seen any other forks that do the same thing. Any help would be appreciated. I can post pics later if it will help. Eric
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What's the fork used in your Boulder???
It is a SR/Suntour XC60 suspension w/pre-load adjustment. I am 14 years old, so
I dont have enough money for an upgrade quite yet. I just want to make sure that i am keeping this one in good condition and if I am not then I want to know how. Thanks Eric
I'm sorry....

I'm not very related to your fork.

Search for the instructions over the net. Most probably you just gotta remove some bolts at the bottom of the lowers and just pull out the lowers assembly. Maybe you should remove the spring assembly or at least back off the preload adjuster all the way out before disassembling anything. Once that is done, you should use some Rock Shock's Judy Butter or Pedro's Syn Grease or Rock n' Roll's Super Slick Grease (Chris @ can get you some of the latter) over the bushings and wipers and reassembly the thing again.

I'm not quite sure, but I shouldn't be far from that.
Ok, there are some silver bolt like things on the bottom, but they dont haveany type of head (no allen wrench, screwdriver, nothing) so maybe I should just grab them with pliers and pull them out? Thanks
Follow this...

You'll find an exploded view and some idiotic instructions which fortunately include maintenance intervals and torque values.

Although not stated by viewing the exploded view you can do this.

The shiny things at the bottom of the lowers are some caps. Forget about them for now.

Back all the way off the preload adjusters. Now remove them. Pull out the springs assy's. Somewhere in there you gotta find one bolt head into each leg. By unthreading these bolts you should be able to pull out the lowers. It seems you will need a very long allen wrench (I can't tell the lenght and size).

Once those bolts are removed just pull out the lowers and apply some of the grease I mentioned before on the bushings. Do not forget to clean everything first. Be carefull when removing the lowers or you could damage the wipers.

Now reassemble everything as you found it. Use some teflon lube at the interface between the wipers and the stanchions. DO NOT SKIP THE STEP OF FINDING OUT THE SUNTOUR'S INSTRUCTIONS. Get them and print the stuff so you know what you might find out.

Also, visit Chris has some very good stuff for forks maintenance.

Sorry if the instructions given seem like inaccurate but that's all I can do without ever having serviced a fork like yours and the instructions given by Suntour.
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