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VAST Action Photography is doing something REALLY tricked out for the Mountain States Cup series, I just got the email the other day, thought you guys should check it out. What is it you ask? Video Podcasting! How freaking kick ass is that? AND... It's currently under review in iTunes and should be available there soon to subscribe as well!

I checked it out, and so far it's really good: it really portrays the entire race experience, which is super-cool. It has a little interview with the race promoter in the beginning, and shows ALL the racing that went on, not just the big-huck stuff. Heck, it even makes XC racing look funner than crap, and that's saying something.

It's too bad we don't have much media coverage of mtn bike racing anymore, especially TV. But enough of these podcasts get out, it's gonna turn some heads!

Check it out at:

Subscribe to the podcast at:
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