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Karate Monkey front derailleur

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I am in the process of building up a Karate Monkey. I have been informed that there are fit problems with new "dual-pull" derailleurs. Assuming that I cannot find a traditional derailleur, which dual pull provides the most tire clearance ... Shimano or SRAM?
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I think if you use the "monkey nuts" that come with the frame (or direct from Surly if yours didn't) then there are minimal chance of problems. I just saw a post here (with in the week) of this same instance and some one said to use a Shimano braze on adapter with a braze on derailleu then there is no issue.

Hope this helps
I have been thinking about this again. I would like to get more clearance so
I can buy tires at will (with or without monkey nuts.)

Shimano has some 2007 XTR front derailleurs that look maybe like they
have more clearance but I have not gone and looked (one is a high mount?)
I think at least one is new. I have not had a chance to go over and look at
the to decide if they are any better. The XTR part is FD-M960 and the XT
is FD-M760. Might just be wishful thinking on my part.

The other posting, it was not clear if the part (the author included the link to
the Shimano page) would work with SIS or even 3-ring cranksets.

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