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I bought a 2001 Razorback last year at a killer closeout deal from superGo. True to form, SuperGos customer service is lacking for anything other than a wholesale return / exchange / credit scenario.

The Noleen fork wouldn't hold air, even after replacing the seals. Supergo told me to ship the whole bike back for store credit. Not an option I wanted to pursue.

K2, when contacted, told me to send them the fork.

I did.

2 weeks later, I am holding a brand spanking new Rockshox Duke XC air.

They even sent me a star nut.

So Kudo's to you K2!

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I will second that. K2Bikes offer support for their product no matter what year it was manufactured. It's amazing that you can order or even get for free parts for your bike that has been discontinued several years ago, all that in a friendly and prompt manner.
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