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K-Force Mega Exo vs XTR M960

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I have a Gary Fisher Sugar 292 and was looking to change my Crankset i have narrowed it down to 2 the FSA K-Force Mega Exo and the XTR M960 but am not sure which one would be better..I was just looking to get some opionions on what would be better...
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Depends what you like

Both cranksets are great. The FSA is (IMHO) Sexier looking, and it uses a bolt pattern that lends itself to aftermarket chainrings. Unfortunatly it is also heavier then the XTR by a not insignfigant amount. around 100 grams I think. The M960 can be had for great deals right now with the anticpated release of the M970 group. 299 for the crankset at jensonusa. I don't know how much the FSA's are going for. I think the XTR will be considerably less money right now so I would opt for it. Just my opinion.
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