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just wondering...

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do any of you ride your dj bikes on the trails? I was just wondering how these heavier bikes which are better suited for SS and stiffer forks would handle the woods.

And to be clear i'm talking mild xc action. More like riding through the forest and sessioning stuff that I come across, like natural gaps, berms and random fun stuff mother nature likes to build:D
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Yes. I have. I can't get full leg extension. The top tube and the seattube are too short. Even shorter 10 mile rides are not exactly fun and easy. It's not efficient. My bike is pretty light, about 24 pounds. But there's probably a good couple of pounds more between the frame and wheels. Most of my other parts could probably be considered "XC" or "AM."
I occasionally take my BMX cruiser and freeride/dj bike on the XC trails, except for steep climbs it is a fun ride. The short stem makes the cockpit a little cramped, but you would be amazed at the control and balance you have standing up versus sitting. I think it makes me a faster rider, since I don't have the bailout gears I am forced to pick up the pace to get up steep climbs.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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