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For "The Well":thumbsup:

Ricky and I sesh'd some of the DJ's in the drainage at South Foothills. We worked on a Bando line and soon gave into the temptation of the more 'established' lines. We still plan on doing some work, but for now this will do.

We came prepared:

We built up the advanced line a bit...

Neither of us was able to completely clear the second double in the set

..and so we moved on. This line would be considered the 'expert' line ( hardest of the three) although I'm sure it pales in comparison to most of the stuff at the Well

Here is Ricky on the set of dbl's

and me on the last dbl


Is the bike OK?
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Nice work!

Nice work on the jumps :thumbsup: With the snow up north I'm sure Rich will be headed south fairly soon.

I really wanted to ride this weekend but instead we did some cross country skiing on Saturday near Pajarito and then some skiing/boarding at Sipapu today. We took advantage of the free tickets we get there with our Pajarito season pass. I normally don't like that place too much but we hit the jackpot today when we were the first to hit their three steepest runs that had just opened with over a foot of pow. Ben was forced to stay home in his wrist cast so my daughter Michelle took over the role of catching air for the camera (this one looks sketchy but she landed it without a problem):

Winter Winter sport Recreation Sports equipment Ski

My knees and legs hurt now. Maybe I should have gone south to bike :madman:
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