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Just saw the MCR bars too high thread...

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Thats how I feel on my SIR. Based on my 26 experience anytime I lowered the bars I kept endoing. I'm hoping I'm a better rider since then but anyone running low bars on their xc niner having trouble getting their weight back on the downs? I really like the confidence I have on the sketchie downhills but def feel the bars are too high. I'm looking for a more dialed feel for racing...

I'm 5'10; 32in Inseam; med sir; 100mm 09 reba; chris king hs with 5mm spacer under a 100mil stem -6 deg rise; titec hellbent riser (thinking flat for an upgrade).
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I haven't read the other thread, sorry if I cover any already treaded ground.

Personally I prefer aggressive geometry and more of the trail/AM feeling on the bike. For my version of XC hardtail I will typically drop the bars until I reach a point where it is harder to pull the front end up. Mind you, keep it so you can still get the front wheel up in a pinch when you hit a log drop or come to a trail obstacle. For you, the lowest you can get without turning the bike into a freak show is a -5 to -10 degree stem and flat bars. I would start by getting the flat bars and see where that gets you.

At the balance point even that last 5mm spacer can make a difference. Oh, and fork sag of course. If you have the fork riding firm like an xc setup it will be taller in the front than if you are running 25-30% sag.
Thanks for the reply. I've def learned a little goes a long way when we're talking handlebar height. I prefer the more AM feel on the bike too, but as I'm racing more I'm feeling I gotta tweak my set-up a bit. I just don't want to the bike no fun in the process. I'm gonna go with the obvious flat bar upgrade and see what happens.
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