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Just received my Fantom Pro Titanium

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UPS just delivered my Fantom Pro Titanium 16" yesterday. The shipping box is made of somewhat thin cardboard and was beat up with one hole punched through the side but luckily the hole was located in a place where there was nothing but air in the box. Most importantly there was no damage at all to anything inside the box The bike was packed pretty well and was easy to remove and assemble.

It took me approximately 1.5 hours to assemble and look everything over which included greasing and torquing almost every bolt on the bike. Total weight for the stock build out of the box without reflectors and with Wellgo Magnesium MG-1 pedals (approx 378g total) was 24.2 lbs. on my bathroom scale which isn't the best method for weighing bikes but it is fairly accurate. First impressions is that although the welds aren't beautiful, they are nice looking overall and I don't really need beautiful on a mountain bike I need functional for something that's made to use and abuse. I only have three complaints:
1)The seat isn't comfortable to me.
2) I don't mind straight handlebars but the stock bars are entirely too narrow for my liking.
3) The top tube is a little shorter than standard and the bike ships with a 100mm stem which makes the overall length shorter than I prefer by about 1/2".

The first two are already solved since I replaced the seat and I have some Raceface NEXT XC lowriser bars to install. The last one I can work around with a 110mm stem and by adjusting the seat position.

The ride is much nicer than my 16" 2001 Airborne Corsair I had which I always thought had too much flex in the bottom bracket area and the ride is the same or better as the 16.5" 2000 Litespeed Pisgah I spent some time riding not too long ago. So all in all I think the bike is a great deal considering everything you get for the money just like everyone else says. No pictures right now because I'm at work.
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Now post some pics man. or it's not real.
It's real, I've just been busy attaching the new handlebars and fine-tuning the bike when I'm actually at home and the rest of the time I've been working. I will post some pictures tomorrow after work when it's light enough to get good shots.
I took the bike out for it's maiden trail ride on Saturday here's a couple of pictures. Overall the bike rode really well considering I took it on some trails that were more suited to a FS bike. :thumbsup:


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