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Just Picked Up 2008 Fuel EX 9

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Hey All,

As you may have seen in my other posts, I just picked up a 2008 Trek Fuel EX 9 today. I am absolutely in love with the bike, it is everything I had hoped for!

I do want to tinker with the bike and setup a bit and try to shave off a bit more weight... Where would be the best place to start on that? The seatpost,handlebar, and stem are already Race Lite and I can save a bit of weight by going with the Easton EC90, but not much.

How hard would it be to get this bike under 25lbs?

I also need to pick up a light tomorrow for the handlebars that will be used only for riding on the streets for now - any recommendations?

:nono: Summary: Where to save weight? What light setup?


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How about tires to start...

tires, wheels, rotors, cassette, crank and chain are the places to start. Lighter rotating weight will be the most noticeable weight drop.

assuming it weight 28-9 lbs 25lbs is a pretty tough goal. you'd have to go with some real xc parts to get there imo
+1 on what was said.
My wife has a 08 EX 9 and I upraded the wheels to Race X-Lites run tubless with the acx tires and to an xt cassette. The Sram Pg 970 that comes with it is a tank... super heavy. It will be tough to get down to 25lbs, possible yes, 26 probably more practical... depending on how much money you want to put into it.
I thought the bike was about 26.5 stock, thus the goal for 25lbs... I guess I don't really need to be spending money on weight savings just yet, maybe a bit of customization though!

I'm not a big fan of the seat, any upgrade recommendations there?

I have some XTR wheels on mine and run either Kenda Karma 2.2 non tubeless tires tubeless, and some bigger heavier tires and wheelset for rougher stuff. I race xc on it, I have mine around 25.5 pounds, it's def. not the fastest bike out there.... but neither am I the fastest person, and it sure is a lot faster on the downhill side than everybody else's hard tails.

I would say the first place to start shaving weight should be the wheelset and a tubeless tire setup. Tha from there, go to some sweet new bars and all that other stuff. The stuff the ex9 comes with is pretty nice, except for the stock wheelset.
I love mine, you'll love yours as well! Congrats on the new ride.
"all-yeti" what's 25.5 lbs.; your yeti " FOR RACE ONLY"??
Rex you should start with tires,you could lose1-2 lbs.,next wheels;this is gonna cost you around a grand. go to the weight weenies thread to get some ideas.I think your ex9 weighs
close to 28 lbs stock. Good luck,dont break the bank:nono:
Nah my old FRO is around 21 pounds.... I'm talking about my ex9 because this is the Trek board. Why would I post the weight of a different bike?
It's got potential to be a relatively light bike for it's purpose.
I agree with AMPanator though about the tires, start there, go tubeless (for the biggest weight savings, use non tubeless tires - it isn't recommended, but I've never had any problems) but the single biggest improvement you can make (weight wise) is the wheelset.
Just picked up a used 08 Fuel EX 9 also! Super stoked to take it to Santa Cruz, hopefully Thursday morning. I'll post pictures later tonight, since I spent most of the day cleaning it (drivetrain was filthy) and throwing some things on there.
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