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Yeah, they are finally available. I should get them in a few days, will post an update and photos when I've put them on.

In the mean time, here are a few pictures and instructions to put them on:

Frame - White

Frame - Black

Fork - DUC32

Fork - SC32


Instructions for installing Maverick Decals:

For Hard or Black Anodized Frames and Forks:

To remove old decals on ANODIZED MATERIALS ONLY:
-Use a commercially available paint stripper to remove old decals, careful to not touch anything other than the anodized surface. Do not use any abrasives to remove old decals.
-You may notice a faint image of the old decal due to fading of the ano around it, this is normal.
-Once old decal is removed clean surface with lacquer thinner, this is the best chemical for removing all of the residue in the rough surface of the anodization.
-Use the faint image left over to place new decal into place.
-Cut out individual decals needed, leaving as much of the surrounding material as possible.
-Place clear side of decal down on a table, gently peeling up blue backing paper, leaving the decals on the clear film on table top. (peeling up clear side may leave decal stuck to 2 surfaces, not good)
-Make sure to arrange decal position before placing into surface. Look twice, set once!
-Press into place and rub down the clear film firmly with your thumb.
-Gently peel clear film off, careful not to peel decal up with the clear film, hold edges down with finger while peeling up clear film.
-Allow the decals to "cure" for 24hrs before washing or brushing bike and decals.
***Do not use any type of heat gun to "cure" you'll be sorry!***

Newly Painted Frame or Fork:

-See Maverick website for decal arrangements (frame/fork photos), or use you own personalized touch.
-Place new decals over newly painted surface, make sure surface is lint and oil free.

*Decals WILL NOT withstand extreme heat. Advise the paint shop to not use a clear powder coat finish over the decals and reheat.
*Decals may only be clear coated with "wet" or “liquid” clear coat finish.

Fortes Fortuna Iuvat
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Thank god, these are long overdue!

Thanks for the update Denis!

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i can order these from maverick direct? - ANSWER: yes!

has anyone (despite the warning in the instructions regarding heat) put these on a powder-coated frame? - ANSWER: they will go on the finished frame, but subsequent heat treatment is a no-go!

thx, ragetty

rebmem rbtm
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The "durance" part looks too low key. Every other frame gets a cool M with upside down star pointed down logo.....
I do like the rest though.
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