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Just ordered my Rig

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I just ordered a 21" Rig. I am so psyched! My first 29er, and first singlespeed mountain bike. :thumbsup: :) :cool: :D

Will definately post pics when I get it. It's one sweet looking Rig!
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Cool. I just got a Rig frame yesterday myself. The rest of the parts will be here this week. It is also my first 29er and I am pretty happy myself.

Good luck with it.
Hey guys I got my rig a few weeks ago and I haven't looked back! I've been riding it at least 2 days and week and on occasion get to 3 and 4. I am thrilled with the bike, it was my first SS and first 29er and I have been come a nut about both. The 29ers definitely "Roll" better over objects. I also feel the ability to bomb over things while on downhills and flats while movin. The SS aspect has taken a little getting used to but only in a good way. I use to spend the majority of my ride trying to pick the perfect gear to get up or down a hill. Now its all about momentum and up hill lines. I've also gotten alot better and distributing my weight better over my rear wheels when pumping uphill so I keep traction. I just dropped it off for my first tune-up(I got a 5 year service plan of tune-ups for 60 bucks!) and I pick it back up this Thursday I can't wait! Enjoy your rides boys I know you will!
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