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just ordered my new frame... what parts should i outfit it with?

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Is the mkIII a 135mm or 150mm rear hub? If 135mm go with the Transition revolutions. Super durable and great looking. Green hubs w/ white, or black hoops.
$275 for a wheelset as well.
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ok so i just ordered my new 2008 iron horse mk3 frame and i want to see what parts you guys think i should go with. i want it to be built up more for all mountain than xc so its not all about weight, i just want to keep it in the low 30s.

i know for sure i want 140mm fork, and i really liked the marz 55 R. Its pretty heavy 6lbs but i like the stiff 35mm Stanchions and qr 20mm axle. its pretty basic like the fork i have now, air preload and rebound and 200$ price aint bad either. i'd get something else but that looks like the best bang for the buck right now.

and as for a wheel sets im pretty open i just want to keep the price and weight reasonable. and im sick of the black white or silver wheels i want green! and i found the spank subrosa rims in really funky green that would match my frame nicely but i dont know much about them. and for hubs probley shimano somthing. ideas?? and for tire im thinking kenda. 2.35 nevegal front and small block 8 in the rear.

and i see lots of online shops sell build kits in different brands and assortments. which ones do you guys like? and im not really biased toward sram or shimano i tried and like both. i like the truvativ stylo 3.3 crank set also, great price and super light!

Im pretty sure i want to go avid juicy 7's for my stoping power 160r and 185 f.

and for the cockpit area im thinking arbys! or easton or raceface. I really like the raceface atlas all mountain stem. and the wtb pure v is probley the most confortable saddle ive ever sat on. its just a lil heavy.

well i think that about wraps up what i have in mind. let me know what you guys think? im up for any suggestions. and feel free to donate all your money and free parts to the chadsmk3buildabike foundation!


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135 but ya i saw those a while ago they are pretty sick thats a possibility! i like a lot of there bikes too! i would go with the bottle rocket!
if I were building up a bike from scratch, I'd be interested in this:|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50
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