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Just ordered a Med. 575

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Hey guy's just ordered a med 575. I had it down to these frames:FXR, 5spot and Heckler. I found out quickly the 5spot & FXR are out of my price range. A frame that cost about $500 more then either the 575 or the Heckler is tough to justify. My brother has a Heckler and that is a great trail bike. I have been reading all the post and reviews that I could get my grubby hands on. With your guys opinions and reviews, this bike just seems like the hands down winner for value and performance. The build will be XT, Maverick DUC32 fork and hayes brakes. I bet it'll be close to 27 lbs. When I get it done I'll post pictures. Unfortunately I have to wait about a month for the frame to come in.
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Good man, Mtbbiker, that will be basically the same setup as my 575. Frame should be arriving beginning of next week along with that sweet fork from Maverick. Can't wait to start bombing hills with that thing leading the way!

SS Slave
Thats awsome mtbbiker, I remember when you were searching a few months ago and you were looking hard at the FXR. The 575 is one of the bikes I recommended to you and still would have no problems recommending the 575 to anyone even if they had no spending limits.
I have a 575 and a 5 Spot now, though I dont have a lot of time on either I really like both frames alot. I rode the 575 at Mammoth Mtn about 6 weeks ago with my wife, mostly road some of the easier trails like Downtown and Beachcruser, but I still hit as many bumps and rough stuff as I could find. Including going as fast as I could go in certain area's. At the time it was set up like a trailbike weighing 30lbs, Z1FR fork and 750g tires. The bike really rocked! I didnt have any tire slippage, which is amazing at Mammoth, the wheels tracked as well as any bike I have ridden, the rear end was so plush I couldnt believe its an air shock. I hit as many bumps, ruts and rocks as I could find just to test the rear end, I know that I used all the travel but never felt any hard bottom outs.
This last week I rode again at Mammoth this time on a new heavy duty built 5 Spot with a bunch of yahoo's on FR bikes. I rode trails like Skid Marks, Bullit, Velosity among others. Man, I sure was beat, those trails are tuff. I was under biked but the Spot heald up. Its kinda hard to compare because of the different trails and speeds I rode at. The bike feels like it is more than 5", its plush alright, and pedals well, but, the 575 is as good a trailbike as the 5 Spot, I know Im going to get slammed for that one.
There's a post here on the Yeti forum about a ASX I believe and I asked a question about the 575 and several replies came back regarding the 575, you should defenetly read them.
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Thanks for the reply

But Red Ride, you have me confused with someone else. I had just decided maybe the last several weeks on replacing my Bullit with a lighter trail bike. the Bullit was a great bike, but because of my recent move the Bullit is just over kill for the terrain. I red the ASX discussion with great interest and it just reinforces the idea that the 575 could be the best trail bike out there. I can't wait for my frame to arrive!!! I'll make sure i post some pictures and give a good riding review and compare the bike to the Bullit and Heckler that I am currently riding until my 575 comes in.
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