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Just moved to Bend.

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See title.

No seriously...I was just passing through, fell in love with the place, found a job in my chosen field (cartography...can you believe it), and now I'm waiting on a place. It's been a crazy week.

All that aside, I'm always up for a ride if anyone would like to show a newb around. The more tech and gnarly the better, but I also love the smooth flowiness. Basically, I'm just jonesn' to get out on the trails, meet some of the locals, and get this "life in Bend" thing going.

Looking forward to seeing ya'll!!
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Yeah, I'm going for a ride tomorrow, sometime before noon. There's nothing too gnarly or too tech immediately around here, but there's some fun stuff. PM me if you're up for one.

That's funny you found a job in your field. I'm a Surveyor/GIS Spec. and couldn't find any work! I start a new job on Wed. with an engineering firm in Salem, so I'm outa here. Oh well.
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