The new Ergon GE1 grip follows along the design's concepts of their existing GA1 series of grips. The grip was developed for gravity specific mountain biking with input from Fabian Barel, and it utilizes two rubber compounds for damping purposes and a textured section which works opposite the direction of hand rotation to help for a more secure hold. The ergonomic shape took into account that use of wider handlebars, and that the user holds the grips out at the end and keeps their arms bent. The grips have a nice tactile feel, with enough softness and give for comfort and some robustness for longevity. The aluminum lock-on clamp resides internally to provide more outer width. The GE1 rubber, texture, shape and design provide good security and decrease fatigue on rough terrain, making for an all-round ergonomic grip. The GE1 comes in blue, red, black and gray, and will retail for $34.95.

If you curl your hand, you'll notice that your grip has a slight concave shape to itself. When grasping a normal grip with the same diameter along its length, the flat surface causes the hand to push the palm downwards, spreading it out in an unnatural position, which causes stress, weakens holding power and irritates the ulnar nerve. The GE1 uses a multidimensional convex shape that cradles the hand's curve in a natural and ergonomic manner, which increases comfort, support and performance, and reduces hand fatigue. The GE1 grip and your hand form a synergistic matched pair, so less force is required for any activity.

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The grips are left and right specific, and have a default upward markings on the inner lock-on clamp, and the angle of the orientation can be tweaked for personal requirements. I left them in their default position, since I found it fit my hands the best. They slid onto the handlebars and had an internal auto-stop (sort of an outer bar plug), and I tightened them down using a 3mm hex socket to 3 Nm of torque.

First Impressions

The first thing you notice is how well they fit your hand. They're really comfortable and just have this proper grippy and tactile feel, becoming one with the hand. When you start riding you don't have to grip the bars as tight, and you can use a bit looser grip on the handlebar, which saves a good deal of energy when you're not battling to hold on. On longer rides, this loose grip gives considerably less numbness in the hands, along with decreased hand, arm and upper-body fatigue. I found that the shape allowed me to lever off them in a more profound manner since my hand was held properly, sort of like having a mini pry bar, and it was highly useful in technical terrain and while doing steep climbs. The ergonomic design of these grips just feels right, pleasant and comforting. Even Ergon's packaging for the GE1 grips is pretty interesting, as you can fold them out for a real time test.

Final Thoughts

The Ergon GE1 grips ergonomic design gives less fatigue to the hands and upper body, allowing for longer rides, less cramping and numbness, greater strength and comfort, and performance. The rubber compound provides excellent grip in any conditions, and the use of two rubber compounds offered quite a bit of damping on rough trails. The tactile feel and proper hand placement allow an immense amount of power to be applied to the front end of the bike when desired, making for excellent climbing, steering and maneuvering. They weighed in a 120 grams for the set, and although not weight weenie light, that isn't bad for a robust lock-on grip.

I haven't spent much time on these grips, but I sure like them, and I find them extremely comfortable. Look for our long-term usage on these excellent grips.


  • Excellent tactile feel
  • Ergonomically correct
  • Decreased hand and upper-body fatigue
  • Increased athletic performance


  • Heavy
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