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In the Manitou manual, it gives the SPV pressure, but for the main air chamber, it has no charts or recommendations. I put a flat 100 lbs., based purely on feel, but wonder if anyone has seen or has a recommended chart of some kind.

Also, if set correctly, is the fork with SPV things supposed to bob when hammering out of the saddle on flat ground, pavement actually? I thought that was the point, when the ground is flat, it stays essentially locked.

Other than that, I am more impressed than I expected to be with the fork. The weight is within 1/2 ounce of my plainjane Mars 2001 Super...3 pounds, 2 ounces.

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I assume that this fork should be set with about 25% sag like any other fork... so adjust your main spring pressure accordingly. 100psi may actually be close though.

Try increasing the spv/snap valve pressure and see if you notice any significant diff in the bobbing. Unless the fork has a true lockout, it will most likely bounce a bit when hammering out of the saddle. If it didn't bob under that kind of power, then it would almost never absorb bumps when just plain pedalling.
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