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just got my new etsx-thanks to all for the info

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thanks to everybody who wrote reviews of their bikes of all brands and models-this search has been exausting, and exhaustive. beginning with almost buying a low-end giant hardtail, and then almost going up to a titus racer-x, this 2003 etsx 30 was exactly the cost/performance balance i was searching for, and after hours on these forums, i knew i was making an extremely informed decision. i am excited about seeing all the front range trails from the saddle of this bike, instead of my single speed...i am really, really excited. and if my girlfriend catches me on the mtbr classifieds again anytime soon, its trouble.
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Congrats! Please post some pictures if you can!
how do you post pictures on this forum. i just joined it.
I believe you require some webspace somewhere where you can upload your picture too and then link it in to a post on here. seems to be a firm favourate.

Once you have signed up to PinBike and uploaded your bikes picture you can click on the picture buton when replying to a post and enter in the URL for it. Click post, and that's it!

EDIT: even!
hey thanks

i'll check out pinbike, and snap some pics before i wash her-i had a pretty epic day in winter park yesterday. this bike is amazing...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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