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Just got back from 4 days down there in the promised land (Brevard).

Just wow. Had a great time.

Wanted to catch Hearbeak ridge on the way in town so we parked at the end of Appalachian way and headed to the toll road from there. After 5 plus hours in the car, the first 1/2 mile HAB was brutal & the toll road in general was quite a bit rockier than I had expected. Heartbreak was a super rowdy good time. The extra 15ish road miles back to the car after were pretty painful.

Day 2 was spent in Dupont hitting a decent amount of stuff including Jim Branch/Rdgeline, Cedar/Bigrock, Burn Mtn, and a couple others I cant remember.

Day 3 was Middle/lower Black Mtn ridden to from downtown Brevard. I think this was my personal favorite.

Day 4: On the way home, we stopped and caught Kitsuma. One guy in our group even cleaned the climb. (I certainly did not).

4 day total was about 80 miles and 10K climbing. I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

Thanks for the route ideas related to getting to heartbreak
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