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Just got a Yeti 25th 575 frame!!

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Hi, I just got a Yeti 25th edition 575 frame, on time for the spring. :thumbsup:
I'm starting that bike from the scratch and I'm lost about what wheels to get.
Seems like I don't have too much choices if I want to take advantage of the front 15QR and the rear 12x142 through axle system, and I really don't want to waste this chance.
I really liked the Mavic Crossmax ST wheelset, but it doesn't let me use the rear 12x142 axle that came with the frame.
The new XTR 988 wheelset seems nice but don't know about the durability of those since they are not a traditional wheel manufacturer...
Well, I'm lost because there are many manufacturers that started selling wheelsets and I don't know about the quality of them. For example you know you can trust on Race Face cranks, but what about DT Swiss wheels???

What kind of wheels today's "light all mountain bike" riders are getting to equip their AM rigs?

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Finally managed to take a picture, after hours just drooling on the frame :eek:ut:

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chainreactioncycles and get them to custom-build you a wheelset? my personal choice for rims is the Sun Ringle MTX-29, which have held up quite nicely for me and I am a bit of a hack from time to time
You could get the Sun Ringle Charger Pros. Comes with everything to run all axle types in the front and can be converted to 12x142 or rear with a $20 kit sold separately.

I've been really happy with these wheels so far. The red, white, and black might not go so great with that Yeti 25 paint job though. :p
Easton Havens or Haven Carbon if you want to drop some dough. There's nothing that tough even in the ballpark weight wise. Shimano and DT have been making some of the best wheels in the industry for a long time.
I really like my ZTR 355's laced to my CK hubs

The wheels are strong and very light for AM
Id look into the xtr trail wheels if you have the dough. Otherwise something custom from crc with price effective hubs. Nukeproof works great and are pretty light.
easton havens!!!!!! super light, super stiff and all aroung awesome!
how did you acquire just the frame?
Thanks for all the replies, I checked all the suggestions!
Firstly I tried the custom built wheels, but didn't find any hubs using straight pull spokes, which I'd like to use. I really want some straigh spokes on the wheels, this way the hubs looks so cool... :rolleyes:
So back to the factory wheels...

I said I want to take advantage of the rear 12x142 through axle, but does it really add the stiffness they claim?
I was looking at the way the dropouts are and can't imagine that much gain in rigidity... The front through axle is indeed easier to understand why it is stiffer, cause the dropout itself is thicker, thus providing more torsional rigidity to the fork.

Can you guys feel the difference while actually riding a 12x142 equipped bike?
saturnine said:
how did you acquire just the frame?
Actually I've got the frame kit, including Fox fork, saddle, Chris King BB and headset.
All I can say is that it must be the destine, cause I went to a small shop without any expectations, and there she was... Couldn't resist! :D

I'll post a picture of the kit on the first post!
Hope do straight pull hubs (or straight pull wheels with a choice of rims) that are available in 142
Sweeeet frameset man!
Sweet setup you've got going. I'm currently having the same problem, I just acquired a frame that uses a 12 x 135 maxle. I'm having a hell of a time finding a wheel set that will work that doesn't cost more than the frame itself. A couple that look promising are sram x9 hubs laced to your choice of rim, atomlab titanium trailpimp lites which are just a little over 1700 grams, and the 2011 havocs already stated above. Hopes are never a bad choice either. Anyway you go, post back with pics when your done, it's going to be a sweet ride!
OK, I did some research based on some inputs here (many thanks!) and now I'm trying to nail down to fewer options. I want to ride my bike ASAP! :crazy:

The Hope 3s looks wicked, but I forgot to mention one more thing... I'm quite sure I'll get some XTR brakes, so I need a centerlock hub...
Unless of course, someone can suggest a brakeset as reliable/light/durable/hassle free as are the new XTRs...

Only if Chris King makes a straight pull, center lock, 12x142/15QR compatible hubs... :cornut:

I'm still open to suggestions about 12x142 worthiness, wheelsets, and now brakes! :smallviolin:
that frame should be hung on a wall.
Hope Hoops with Flow rims. 12mm axle kit for Hope Pro 2.

Or XT "AM" factory wheels with UST rims. They are rather nice.
saturnine said:
that frame should be hung on a wall.
That frame should have the crap ridden out of it.

Hope ProII, or Hadley hubs whatever on the rest.
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