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i wear armor cus I suk
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Just got back from two days in Moab. Porcupine day 1 slickrock day 2. I was on a motorcycle trip and stopped over. Major props to ** Moab Cyclery ** for hooking me up with a Nomad, albeit a tad heavy, for the trip. These guys are great; how about this, I could not pack a camel back on my bike (too much stuff already on the 3 week trip) so I needed to buy one. Hearing this the guy lent me an old one of his for the two days so all I needed to due was cough up for a bladder. I won't go anywhere else but Moab Cyclery shop when I go back. They earned my business with their service and great mechanics.

Porky's and Slickrock were awesome but challenging. 21 miles of downhill, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I was gassed on slickrock. When I finally gave up trying to clean everything (on a 38 # nomad), I enjoyed the ride much better. Funny I found myself in the big ring on parts of both of these rides. I don't even have one here in Seattle, and never miss it. Cool how the riding is so different in different areas.

All in all it was a fun town. Stayed at the Hostel as well. An experience in itself. I would recommend it.
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