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Ride to the ride.
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In another attempt to escape the heat, I rode out of town in the cool or morning, which was actually a bit later than most people would consider "early". I was saved by a sliding roof of cloud which slid over the sun when I got to the bottom of the hot desert-cliff-road-climb. The shade lasted until I reached the little abandoned house on the high prairie at the top of the first climb.

The sun was out for the second climb after the road turned to washboard gravel, but it was pleasant to be riding upward while SUVs were dragging trailers bigger than my apartment back toward town. Colorful birds flitted in the oak brush and insects were buzzing with happiness.

The higher I rode, the more flowers popped out. The meadow near the trailhead was awash with yellow mule's ears blossoms, flooding enthusiastically up to shores of forest. Delicate blue flax, red paintbrush, purple lupine and more threw color into the mix.

The GF met me there and we let the dogs play in the creek before staking them in the shade and diving into the singletrack. The wet spring has been good to the vegetation, and the trail-side was lush with the sight and smell of green. We rode through sheltered aspen groves where mountain columbine flowers graced the shadows. Open meadows were filled with light and warmth. Cooler shade under the pines kept secret mud wallows.

Riding and pushing, we made the top. The view spread over rolling forest and meadow toward the gash of canyon. Beyond were the hidden trails we'd ridden last weekend. We lounged among flowers until the flies begged us to get moving.

We sped downward through more forest and meadow. Aspen trunks blurred white and flowers streaked past. Small splashy creeks flew aside as we hurled across.

Back at the truck, two dogs were happily lounging without a care in the world. But the third one, the little enthusiastic one, was grumpy and pent up with energy. I cut him loose, and we rode back out for a loop on the lower trail. His smile came back.

We re-joined the gang near the creek again. Dogs played in water and searched for rodents. (Not finding any.) The GF and I "forced" ourselves to lounge in the shade and revel in the view of the wide meadow filled with flowers. Ate snacks, read books, maybe even kissed.

Then the dinner bell went off somewhere inside. So we packed up and rolled down to town. (I opted to roll within the truck instead of without.) Another fine day of summer riding slipped behind us as the conversation turned to "Where should we ride next week?"


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These shots are great. I especially like the 7th shot, the one of the rider in focus.

Great job!
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