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I just wanna ride my bike
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I completed a 2-year Bachelor of Commerce degree in fall 2009; a personal achievement I'm proud of but with full time work and school, it meant very little riding throughout 2009. So I became a "weekend warrior", riding here and there throughout the year to keep myself sane and to prevent my butt getting completely flat from countless hours of studying :)

With a record 35 inches of snow falling in Vancouver and area, 2009 started with recreational activities sans wheels.

As is typical of the Pacific Northwest, we were soon back to rain and very wet trails.

Getting tired of said rain and wet trails, we headed for St. George, Utah over the Easter long weekend. We "dragged" along some friends who were keen on seeing blue skies and dry rocks, too.

The perfect weekend warrior rental vehicle for four people and four (rental) bikes.

Fun first rip of the trip: Goulds/JEM/Hurricane Rim loop. Heading down JEM.

Grinding up the last stretch of Hurricane.

No high-desert trip is without its share of cacti needle removal.

Next up was Gooseberry Mesa with Tiggerider. Tiggerider being drafted by Biggles604.

Tiggerider showing us how its done...on a Canadian bike :thumbsup:

The Canadian crew--Fluid, Biggles604, TheOtherH, CraigH--and Tiggerider (far right).

Being so close to Zion National Park, we took the opportunity to hike Angel's Landing.

It's a long way down...

Our plan to ride Little Creek Mesa on our last day was kaiboshed by a thunder/lightening storm with a possibility of snow. So we rode Broken Mesa instead. Although it was a cloudy, cool day, the colours of the high desert were beautiful.

In May, it was on to Kelowna (BC). We spent one day riding the Crawford Trails in Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park where the huge forest fire in 2003 left its black mark.

Great spot for a break; view of Okanagan Lake.

CraigH practising his log riding skills (the only way to get through this boggy section).

Cache Creek in BC's dry interior was our destination for a weekend in mid-June. At lower levels, the terrain reminds me of Broken Mesa in St. George but higher up, it's green and lush (and full of mosquitoes and black bears).

Riding with some of the locals (Neil, in yellow jersey, owns Cache Creek Cycle Parts and is working on developing a formal trail system in the area). (Cache Creek in background.)

Yup, cactus grows in British Columbia.

We always ensure cold refreshments are at hand after a good day's ride.

For the Canada Day weekend, JimC joined us for a five-day jaunt to the West Kootenays. First up was one of our favourite singletrack trails near Christina Lake: Deerpoint, which winds along and up and down the lake's eastern shore.

The destination for this ride:

A great spot to cool the feet (it was 35 - 40C that day). See the butterfly?

Then it was on to Rossland. Here's JimC near the bottom of Lower Oasis (looking towards Trail).

Seven Summits was our epic ride of this trip.

Lots of scenic spots to have lunch along the Seven Summits trail (Old Glory Mtn on right).

Still some snow along the trail in early July (and on the trail as we found out later).

Typical sight in our backyard after road trips.

The rest of the year I squeezed in some trail work on our local mountains, some bike commutes to work and a few rides on the big bike at Mt. Washington's and Whistler's bike parks. Here a shot of JimC getting air in Whistler.

For Hallowe'en this year we joined friends on their annual "wear a costume or don't ride" ride. CraigH showed up as a carrot; I was a blue spruce.

To round out the year, I rode my bike to work yesterday (Dec. 31). Today, it was a wet and mucky ride to welcome the New Year. It didn't matter that we were soaked and couldn't see what colour our shoes were for all the mud; we had fun and were still smiling when we finished the ride. And in the end, that's what it's all about: enjoying the ride.

Happy New Year to everyone! Wishing you all much health and happiness and many good riding adventures in 2010!

7am Backcountry ;- )
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Wow! makes me regret the lack of riding i've put in over the last year :(

Stunning locations, nice bikes too

amar la vida de dos niner
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Girl, I always enjoy your posts. Now we know why there weren't as many as usual this past year. Congrats on your degree!

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Nice writte up

Cool pics as well.thanks for sharing:thumbsup:

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wow that 14 pic is awsome..your crazy for getting so close to that edge..great pix and congrads on your degree as well..thx for sharing...:thumbsup:

I just wanna ride my bike
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wow that 14 pic is awsome..your crazy for getting so close to that edge..
CraigH took the photo (my legs aren't that furry :p ). I was standing to his right holding up the "life-saving" chain so it wouldn't get in the way of the pic.
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