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just a short ride and a pic

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On the friday after thanksgiving, my bro-n-law and I ran up to a local trailhead. We rode from the top of spain over to elena gallegos, then down the whoops and back to spain. It was just a short quick ride. Nice and crisp out. Not too many people until we got to Elena Gallegos. But with all the homes, that is where you relaly run into everybody.

On the way down the whoops I wanted to take some pics and This is one that my bro-n-law took after I set up the shot. I focused the camera, got everything in frame and then told him to wait til he heard me. This is what he got.....


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man you're really getting some loft off those whoops! That Kona seems to be treating you right.

The student has become the teacher. =)

tell Anna I said Hi.
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