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Can't tell you conditions of local trails, but will a TR from Downingtown, Pennsylvania do? Too bad, ha!

Out for business trip. Rained last night pretty hard, but only for a little bit. Made reservations at LoweRider Bikes in Downingtown for a Felt Compulsion FS. It was a nice bike but almost as heavy as my fat bike, I swear! There are two trail systems in Downingtown, Harmony Hills and Marsh Creek. Given the rain, I dl'd a loop from Trailforks for Harmony and confirmed that was the better call at the shop.

Started off on an easy green which faded to a game trail to nothing pretty fast. Multiple trails split off but they weren't on Trailforks and I had already mapped a 15 mile plus loop, so I didn't want to stray too far.

Turned around then started some really rooted up stretches that had tons of man made / log type features. Super fun! After that, hit Harmony proper for more good stuff. I rode their black trail, it isn't, and the extension as an out and back. Threw in a mini loop on the yellow loop (that's the name).

Ended up at the bike shop about 15 minutes after it started pouring. Had to walk to a nearby Planet Fitness to buy a towel to protect the rental car seat as I was covered in mud. Ended up doing 18 per Strava, but since my Fitbit lost GPS for a good stretch, it was more like 20 miles / 2K climbing Legit ride, I am tired!

Natural environment Forest Old-growth forest Woodland Soil

Air time!

Vegetation Natural environment Plant Plant community Soil

Rolling a cool log bridge over a creek.

Natural environment Soil Forest Trail Woodland

Cool banked turn / half pipe section just before entering Harmony Hills proper.

Vegetation Natural environment Trail Forest Nature reserve

Harmony had lots of cool stuff like this over logs and rocks. Just take it with some speed and all good!

Tire Wheel Bicycle wheel Mountain bike Bicycle frame

High speed turn in the last DH out.

All in all a great day and the cheap folding tripod I bought off of Amazon worked great. It's a keeper!

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23 miles at Wilder at sunrise in actual rain. Cold for me, great for the trails. 16 miles at Niscene in the afternoon. Just cloudy by that point, but the trail was clearly still nicely patted down by a.m. precip.

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Riding the mid-peninsula on Wednesday

Up Windy Hill, yee haw!

Looking out to the ocean from Skyline:

The Langley Hill quarry (next to Russian Ridge OSP).

I love the tall grass along the Hawk Ridge Trail, Russian Ridge OSP.


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