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July 7-9th: Just another perfect w-e in Vermont

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What a perfect w-e to be in Vermont!

Friday i headed down to Jay,VT for some killer riding... From windy singletrack to bridges over streams, to river crossing and double tracks... From painfull climbs to gnarly descends, the ride had it all! We did close to 20 miles of riding and it was simply amazing. We finished the day Four Corners waterfall for a swim in perfect cold water!

Saturday we drove down to Jericho to ride Mobbs Hill, Mobbs Valley and Arcana trail. The trails are a lot of fun and Mobbs Hill was our favorite with it's windy and technical stuff. The rock climbs were a lot of fun. Mobbs Valley gets confusing... but we managed... and we stopped at the river for a swim... Arcana has a lot of potential... we tried 2 extensions that were a lot of fun also.

On sunday we finally made it to Millstone Hills! And it was worth the trip! Those trails were a lot of fun... Not as much "rock stunts" as i would have imagine... TNT is a lot of fun... Especially when you get out of it! Only drawback was that we missed the Grand Lookout... Too bad! We'll just have to come back later on! We did close to 17miles with all the extension we took. It was a great day... a bit hot though... We ran into Banzai Rider in the parking. Nice to finally meet you after a few e-mails!

Next places to visit in vermont are Hinesburg Forest and Waturbury...
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Sounded like a killer weekend

Waterbury is finally drying up. If you are looking for someone to show you are the area let me know. I might be able to play tour guide for you. Usually ride there a few times a week, weather dependent.

I agree with you on milestone...thought Pete would have put more stunts in...I am sure it will only take time.

Hinesburg forst....check out fellowship of the wheel and get the map.
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