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I bought a set of new take-off Ultimates for my XC/Trail bike, using 185mm/160mm rotors, and my forearms are getting a bit tired even on XC rides - fairly long downhills but not DH stuff. I bled them when I mounted them, and the levers are firm and modulate fine, they just seem to take a fair amount of pressure while dragging them to control speed.

I recently sold a bike that had Juicy 5 with 205mm/160mm, and they seemed to have more than enough power even on long/steep downhills at resorts, I didn't get too much brake pump in my arms compared to other brakes I've used (Hayes Mags, Formula B4)

It looks to me the Ultimates have shorter levers than Juicy 5/7, so is that it, or does the different caliper affect their power?

Or, are people finding their Ultimates are as powerful as normal Juicy's and mine are not working 100%?

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The difference is in the rotor size. Your coming from a 205 down to a 185mm rotor. Huge difference in leverage.

Lever length has almost zero effect with a hydraulic brake system as far as power goes. On a mechanical brake system, yes there is a difference.
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