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Bought some J7s and I buit a new front wheel for them to work with after I taco'd my old v brake wheel.

I thought it would be a big step up, but Im not sure now.

The brakes seem to have pretty good stopping power, but it is not even at all. With even pressure on the brake, it seems to grab and release as the wheel goes around. Very annoying and destabilizing especially in technical sections.

I really do not know where to go from here.......The rotor is not bent (the wheel spins almost without drag), Ive cleaned the rotor with alcohol, and everything is tight. I even took the bike down a massive hill.....enough to get the rotor pretty hot. No changes.

I bought the brake at Jenson, maybe I should trade it in for a hope mini or elcamino........It is an annoying problem for sure.

Any ideas?

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Possible uneven rotor thickness. Only takes a few hundredths of a mm.

If it is the polygon rotors they have been known to have the uneven braking. Round rotors cure it.

In any case call Jenson. They may just swap rotors for you.

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Fairly common problems for J7's.

As Shiggy said, swap the front rotor for a round one, and maybe even swap the pads for Galfers if you have to.

The J7's take a while to bed in, don't rush them. Mine are fully bedded, and the front one works great with round [Hayes] rotor but the rear one still pulses and warbles no matter what I try.

I hope that you have better results than I have.

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