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Hi all,

The other day I removed my front wheel so the bike would get into the car. By accident the brake level was pulled which caused the pads to close up. I managed to pull the pads apart but the right pad is still rubbing against the disc.

Should I:

1. Carry on pushing the pads out.
2. Take the pads out, loosen the CPS bolts and start again.

Any adivce would be much appricated.


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Work a screwdriver between the pads and work it back and forth to walk the pistons back into their bores, put the wheel on. Loosen the two CPS caliper mounting bolts so that it can move a bit. Squeeze the brake lever several times to pump it up, then squeeze and hold. While squeezing evenly tighten down those 2 bolts a little bit at a time.
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