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I've had my Trek 4500 for under a month and was looking through the Judy manual. I had noticed the preload adjuster so I consulted the manual to see what I can adjust it to. I found the sag on the front fork was very little since I'm a pretty small guy. I'm only about 135lbs. Anyway, I went to adjust the sag by turning the top cap and couldn't get very far so I did what every guy does and grab some pliers and twisted. Needless to say the cap broke off.

I taped the cap back into place because I wanted to ride this afternoon. Is this part replaceable? Also, what is the proper way to adjust the sag, because I obviously did it wrong? Could I instead of replacing the cap just silicone it on there or just take it off? I would think siliconing it on wouldn't be advised in order to take the shock apart.


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