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Wanted to give a big shout out to those that came out this past Sunday to tackle the huge amount of blow down from the past storms! We worked on the Northern section of Allamuchy. The group got approximately 85% of the trails cleared up and cleaned up the parking area for the Tranquility Trail Head. Trails that still need some work include: majority of Green; Blue; section of White between Purple and Green. We will be getting to these as time allows. Most everything else should be in good shape.

The crew consisted of:

Dan Matthews
Jay Waldstein
Steve Filipponi
Rich Zipper
Carl Zipper
JAson Gonsalves
Scott Huyler
Josh Gang
MArc Pereze
Andy Pellek
Jeff OHara
Kevin Connelly

The plan is to hit Stephens State Park next weekend, Sunday Nov 20th. We will meet at 9:00 and work until approx 1:00. We will meet at the railroad crossing (at the exit/entrance to the Maze - Pink Tr). We will likely break up into groups to get as much doen as we can. I would say bring your bike, but bring along your hiking boots in case we decide that its best to walk in (good chance it will be a mix bag of hiking and cycling). We should have tools covered, but if you have a favorite folding saw or bow saw bring it along in case.

If your not familiar with the location of the RR crossing its just up the road a bit from the Waterloo Concert Field at the gate in front of Tilcon Lake ( Waterloo Concert Field Parking - Google Maps ). Or from Waterloo Road turn on Kiney Road and go to the STOP sign, make a right take this road (Old Waterloo Rd) until it crosses the RR tracks, and there you are!

Other info is located here: JORBA • View topic - Allamuchy North TM Thanks and Stephens TM Nov 20th
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