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Joplin minimum length question

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Hi guys, I'm at a dead end here and I was hoping someone can help me out. After countless hours of scouring the forum and web about which adjustable seatpost is good, I realized I may not even be able to use one to it's fullest purpose.

I don't know if my bikes is too big or if it's the design or if my legs are extra short, but my ideal maximum seat height is not all that higher off the seat tube. The bike fits me well, I think, and there's no changing that at the moment but I only have about 170mm from the top of the SP clamp to the seat rail(center of sr clamp).

I realized this morning that it seems most of the adj posts will be much higher then that with the full extension and lower tube clamped all the way down into the frames seat tube. Judging by pictures, it seems the Joplin has what seems to be the lowest possible height with the on the fly adjustable post extended to the max height.

Does anybody have any experience or suggestions for a situation like this? I understand I could still use it by lowering it just a little bit after full extension but thats a bit of a PITA and not ideal IMO. If someone knows how long it is from the seat rail to the top of the seat post clamp while the lower tube is in the frame all the way with the Joplin extended, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it!;)

(tape measure is a little further away so it doesn't show a true 170mm in the pic)

I've looked at every other brand of adj seatposts and it seems they need a lot more length than the Joplin. Am I off on this?
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Unless I am missing something I dont think you are going to have any trouble with the Joplin Seat Post. It only has three inches of travel and although your seat is extended 6 inches it wouldnt be dropping all the way back down anyways. For that your would have to stop and loosen the clamp and shove the whole seat post down.
Thanks. Come to think of it, maybe I am missing something:D My mind does seam to have turned to jello lately.

I'm basically wondering how tall the seat (rail) would be with the main tube clamped at the lowest possible height while having the Joplin extended and the collar right up the the seat post clamp. If that height is less then 170mm, then it would work fine for me.

Depending on the brand of the adjustable post, I feel that in many of them, the minimum height would exceed that length with the added mechanism of the collar and upper clamp area.

I drew a little something here to hopefully better explain the measure I'm looking for(A). Since I would think the height of the seat varies depending on the brand and style, I wanted the height from the seat rail to the top of the seat post clamp with the adj post extended. I would like to have the same measurements for the Kind Shock and other various posts but judging by the pics, it looks like the Joplin has the lowest overall collar/seatrail clamp height. I could be wrong since I'm just looking at pictures though.

Basically, I figure the lower post collar area and the upper seat rail clamp mechanism on these adjustable posts adds more length to the overall minimum height of the seat.

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Just found this place which shows exactly what I'm looking for, except it's for the 125mm travel Kind Shock I900 which is definitely too long for my bike.

This pretty much proves I could use the 75mm travel KS's just too bad I can't find a single place I could buy it from though:cryin:
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