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Jolly Roger DH race #2 July 11th!(night race!?)

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If you're afraid of the dark then this is not the race for you!

After miserable weather and a great turnout for the first race of the season, we are looking forward to race #2. The second downhill race of the season will take place on July 11th at Memorial Park and will consist of one run during the day and one night run.

All of the expert features on the night run will be lit, but the rest of the trail will not be. Therefore, each rider will be required to have a personal light on either themselves or their bike.

Registration: 4:00pm
First run: 7:00pm
Second run: 9:30pm

This is the night before the MNSCS race at Memorial Park and we do have a permit to camp so come up and check it out whether you are racing or not.

Due to time contsraints there is a 60 rider limit, so make sure to either pre-register here:
or get there early if you want a guaranteed spot in Minnesota's first DH night race!

Follow this link for more info:

This is gonna be fun!

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