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Paid to post this crap.
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I got this email from John- if you could help by writing a letter (or 2), it would be most appreciated.

John writes: We had another terrific set of Grouse Ridge Wild Rides over the weekend.
Sweet trails, fantastic views and fun people made this event a great
success. In follow up, IMBA asks that you consider 1) contacting your
congressional representative and 2) joining IMBA with a special discount.

CONTACT YOUR U.S. REPRESENTATIVE - As you know, this event helped showcase
great trails that we could lose to Wilderness designations, such as the
Sand Ridge and Beyers Lakes Trails. While IMBA supports protecting our
natural landscapes, we cannot support proposals that close important trails
to bicycles. We ask that you contact your congressional representative to
help keep these trails open. Right now, the trails most threatened with
Wilderness closures are on the North Coast of California as part
Representative Mike Thompson's bill (S. 738). These trails are described here:

*If you are live in the districts of Representative Mike Thompson, Richard
Pombo or George Radanovich, it is even more important to voice your
concerns!*. Using your zip code, you can obtain contact information for
your representative here:

Some talking points for your letter:

- The Thompson bill (S. 738) is not ready. Some of California's best
trails could be closed to bicyclists by new Wilderness designations. Many
areas proposed contain trails that cyclists ride, build and maintain.

- Mountain bikers support conservation and want roadless lands protected
from development. In areas that include significant
bicycling opportunities, please protect land using a diversity of designations.

- Mountain biking is a low-impact, human-powered activity that is
appropriate in protected places. The impacts of bicycling on the land are
about the same as the impacts of hiking.

- California is the birthplace of mountain biking and home to two million
mountain biking enthusiasts. We are an important constituency that
generates millions of tourism dollars within the state. IMBA estimates that
bicycling annually adds more than two billion dollars to the state's economy.

- The maps provided through the Congressional proposals have been
inadequate. Citizens need detailed, easily accessible maps
of all proposed Wilderness areas to carefully examine this geographically
based proposal. The public has a right and a need to better understand the
land being considered. Please make clear maps readily available.


IMBA creates, enhances and preserves trail opportunities for mountain
bikers worldwide. Since 1988, IMBA has been bringing out the best in
mountain biking by encouraging low-impact riding, volunteer trailwork
participation, cooperation among different trail user groups, and
innovative trail management solutions. You can join IMBA online here:

*Tip: To get a special membership discount, during checkout, use the enter
the following coupon code: haagen*

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Thanks for posting that Gary. My letters are in the mail today!! A few minutes out of your day day to send a letter may save some awesome trails.

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Finch Platte said:
I got this email from John believe that guy? ;-) Seriously, thanks for posting this. Trails like these are important and it is crucial that we get such letters to our representatives.

Now we need to get together and ride in from Indian Springs (Eagle Lakes exit on I80) on the Spaulding Lake Trail. Anyone interested?
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