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Sales Assistant

Intense Cycles located in Temecula is currently seeking a full-time permanent Sales Assisitant to be a part of our fast growing team!!

This person will assist in performing various administrative duties while providing specific support to the Sales and Marketing departments.

Some responsibilities include but are not limited to:

* phones
* data entry
* inventory management
* processing customer orders and billings
* tracking, shipping
* mail distribution
* other projects and duties as Intense continues to grow rapidly.

This position requires an organized and flexible individual who can handle multiple tasks simultaneously and maintain complete ownership of assigned projects and/or administrative duties.

If interested please send your resume to
Paul Cusick
Sales and Marketing Manager
[email protected]

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Damn... I would be good at that... but I would be even better in sales. I wouldn't want to run your sales people off with my Superfriend skillz though.

Good luck!


Where's the chair lift?
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Sounds Intersting? Hmmmm...

Hey PC,
Sounds like pretty much what i do already in this biz! LOL :thumbsup: Interesting... Hmmmmmm... :devil: :yesnod:

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