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glasius said:
I suggest a Large.

I'm 192cm tall and have 90cm inseam, and I'm riding a Large frame.

If you like riding with a short stem (< 4 inch : 10cm) then maybe an XL frame would also do.
On the other hand, I'm the same height as glasius (192 cm, 90 cm inseam) and comfortably ride the XL. 105mm stem, 180mm crankarms, REBA XX fork set to 100mm.

I look like a Moose as it is on the size XL, I couldn't imagine fitting on the smaller size L for me.

However, the OP needs to measure his current bike's measurements and compare them to the Niner frames.

In terms of an XC race fit, here's an example set up of a rider with about the same measurements as the OP. It's Todd Wells who is riding the XL size Specialized Epic.

From that link...

Critical measurements:

Rider's height: 187.96cm/6ft 2in
Rider's weight: 77.11kg/170lbs
Saddle height from BB, c-t: 81cm
Saddle Setback: 7cm
Seat tube length, c-t: 52.5cm
Tip of saddle to center bar: 64cm
Head tube length: 14cm
Top tube length (virtual): 64cm
Total bicycle weight: 10.09kg/22.26lbs

So it all comes down to one's best fit on the bike. Obviously, there are guys who are 6'2", 6'3" and 6'4" who are riding XL's as well as guys that same height/size riding the size L frames.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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