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yes just read about them at Bike mag....

Gargamel said:
Still in business?

A Company You Should Know, But Possibly Don't: Jericho

By Dain Zaffke

With big-budget companies and their large promo budgets hogging the spotlight, it's easy to overlook the little guys. Their welds are sometimes cleaner and their ideas often times unique, but many small operations don't get the same coverage, mostly because they lack the resources. We tracked down Josh Ogle, creator and head-honcho of Jericho Bicycles for this second installment of our new series devoted to brands that don't get the attention they deserve. ~Dain Zaffke

BIKE: I noticed your website's been shut down and Jericho has pretty much gone completely off the radar. What's going on?

JERICHO: I got in over my head. The industry gave us some really excellent reviews, and instead of using the good press to focus on our niche, we decided to branch out. I had a business partner that really pushed for bigger numbers, but I wanted to make it all spot-on before it went out the door. In 2002 we put out 130 frames; that was our biggest year. I'm a control freak, and I wasn't willing to hire another welder or sacrifice anything to get the numbers up. So we basically parted ways. I tried to get out of the spotlight a little and focus on what I'm good at [hardtails]. I took the website down after that because almost all the information was wrong. I'm working on that; will be up before too long.

BIKE: About how many frames will you have made by the time 2004 is over?

JERICHO: Probably about 75. We'll hit our numbers. I could still manage a few more, but I'm where I want to be. I enjoy making top-level bikes, taking things one-step further than everyone else. Right now we're focusing more on high-end detail.

BIKE: Is there anything new you're working on?

JERICHO: I have a bunch of new singlespeeds, chainrings, cogs, flat Ti handlebars and a TIG-welded stem. I made a batch of four Ti singlespeeds that are way over the top. Custom 6/4 Ti dropouts, custom headtubes with integrated headsets, and massive downtubes, these bikes are beautiful. The dropouts alone took around 150-hours of pure labor. They're already spoken for and the production costs really don't justify making more.

I'm also making this Ti cruiser that I've been planning for years. The front-end is similar to a Jeff Jones 3D Spaceframe [it achieves vertical compliance by using multiple smaller diameter top-tubes]-in fact I was a little disappointed when he beat me to it-but I'm taking it a step further. Jones makes some great stuff, but I spent a little more time. I'm internally routing 1/8" Ti line for hydraulic brakes, front and rear; they'll be completely hidden. The bike is way over the top; it's just an artistic pang that I had to get out of my system.

BIKE: How much will that [Ti Cruiser] sell for?

JERICHO: I could never sell this thing. It's a show bike that I'll have until I die.

BIKE: So what are you selling?

JERICHO: For the first time ever, I actually have a full range of steel Leadfoot singlespeeds ($1400) and a good number of steel Payback hardtails (also $1400) ready to go. We're dealing with less volume, so we can do a lot more custom too. But even on the custom side I'd like to focus on steel. You can manipulate the tubing so much more and get so many more choices on how the bike works; it can have a lot more character.

BIKE: How many employees do you have in house?

JERICHO: I just hired a part-timer, so 1.5.

BIKE: Where is your shop?

JERICHO: We recently moved from Berkeley to Emeryville. Now we're three blocks away from the most expensive building west of the Mississippi-Pixar. That's our big claim to fame. My friend's a janitor over there, or Maintenance Manager or something; anyway he took me on a tour. That place is amazing. The whole building sits on these gimbels, it can rock back and forth 36 inches and easily withstand a 7.5 earthquake. It's incredible.

BIKE: How long have you been welding frames?

JERICHO: I started about 10 years ago with Ogle (that's my last name), then I changed the name to Jericho five years ago.
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