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Jemez/Redondo riding?

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Hey guys, taking the family camping this weekend at Redondo campground, in the Jemez.

Obvious answer to my obvious question is: Yes, there is great riding in the Jemez, not too far from Redondo campground (down the road to East Fork, Battleship), and all of the other stuff (Cochiti, etc.) that I have never ridden and thus would get lost on....

I see a couple trailheads right near the Redondo campground, are they rideable?

Any recommendations, camping/riding or otherwise?

Fire restrictions are lifted up there I see, what is the common rule for firewood gathering in the SFNF?

Thanks guys
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Stella, I have to make a disclaimer before I start...the last guy I gave camping/riding advice to got all his sh!te ripped off by some of the Duke City's lowlifes.

With that out of the way, I think one of those trailheads you see is actually an entrance to the Valle Caldera and is closed to bikers. Not sure where you saw the other one.

As for camping, I like the Jemez Falls campground more than Redondo due to the crowds and easy access to the trails. I doubt you'd get lost riding from Jemez Falls down to Los Conchos or the other way down to Battleship although your shoes will get wet due to at least one bridge being washed out.

There is also tons of firewood up there (as of 2 weeks ago). They did tons of clearing and it's laying all over the place (including on some of the trails) and even though it's fresh cut, it burns well.
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Thanks rpinata, I will do all I (legally) can do to keep the lowlifes at bay...

I thought the crowds are usually rowdier at Jemez Falls? I like the access to trails too, and we just might end up changing the plans, and stay at the Falls.

One of the trails that I see on Google Maps is across the highway (West of Redondo camp), and heads West....Saw some little blurb about it being San Diego Canyon?

Good news on the firewood front, muchas gracias!
There is a small network of cross country ski trails all around Redondo. Pleasant but mellow. The trail across the highway is (I think) an old forest road that makes a lollypop loop along the top of the canyon. Again, pleasant but mellow. From the Falls, you can either ride up towards East Fork/Los Conchas, or down toward Battleship, both of which are pleasant and not mellow.:thumbsup:
Excellent, I was hoping you would chime in Rustus.

I'm beginning to think I really wanna stay at the Falls, those trails are too nice to pass up.

Slight derail....From Redondo, is the nearest stream/creek at the Falls?

stellaartois said:
Slight derail....From Redondo, is the nearest stream/creek at the Falls?

From Redondo I think the closest water is down towards La Cueva. No trails, but they do stock the creek (San Antonio) behind the store/resturant if you are interested in fishing.
Rustus is right on the closest water being the San Antonio at La Cueva. The Seven Springs fish hatchery has a "super stocked" pond for kids 12 and under. It's past Fenton Lake on 126, a 20-25 minute drive.

There's another ride near there I often do. It basically goes up the ridge above the San Antonio Hot Springs (East side) to the Valle Grande fence then descends the single track past the hot springs back to hwy 126. As a loop from Redondo campground it's probably 25-30 minutes of mostly uphill dirt road, then 1.5hrs of old FS road, ATV track, single track back around to hwy 126 and 15-20 minutes back up to the campground. I've been working on it and have all but 3-4 trees cleared from the trails. PM me if you want a GPX/course file or more info.
Thanks guys,

Looks like we are gonna stay at Jemez Falls, woohoo! Direct access to trails...must be my birthday...oh wait it is!

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