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Hey Guys,

Did some searching around and couldn't find anything helpful.

I have a 2012 Jekyll Carbon frame, and the frame has an odd clunk in the rear end. It feels like it mostly occurs when there is lateral torsion on the rear end of bike.

All the pivots are tight, as are the shock mounting bolts. The rear axle is tight, and I can't feel any play in the hub/cassette or cranks.

I can pretty easily reproduce the sound if I'm riding and lift the rear end and kind of whip it out (such as when I'm going around a corner). I can OCCASIONALLY reproduce it if I keep the bike stationary and apply lateral flex to the frame with the pedals side to side (if that makes sense).

The frame also makes a similar sounding clunk when riding high speed over small bump.

Just curious if anyone has had any experience with this? Could it be the Dyad shock?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!!!


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I have creaks currently, but no clunks, at least I don't believe I do. Time for me to do some spring checking. I had creaking from the rear linkages and whatnot before, and tightened several pivots and things, but apparently missed something. I had the bike with me when I dropped in my local shop and they tightened it all up and it was fine. I think it was the linkage area above the Dyad that was the culprit.

Any chance bushings are worn?
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